Jalan and his team have assisted more than 300 clients, both companies and employees, in developing their performance...

As a true partner, we have moved forward together to help their transformation, the development of their skills and behaviours to create collective performance.

Organisations that perform well over time are those that successfully transform themselves. And successful changes are those that are driven and embodied by people.

I've been working with the members of Jalan since 2011. They are a true partner who knows our sector of activity well and who adapts to our needs and constraints. The consultant is an accomplice to our ambitions and invests in our projects as if they were her own. I appreciate the availability, efficiency and innovative methods of Jalan. I appreciate the openness, the quality of listening and the solid mastery of the pedagogical tools. The result is assured in a context that combines professionalism, pleasure and good humour. The interventions are different from other firms: innovative, flexible and tailor-made. Our employees are never disappointed when they leave a training course. They have a follow-up to enable them to follow up on the achievement of their commitments.

Bénedicte DELAHAYE

I have called on JALAN several times over the last few years, particularly for business and emotional intelligence training. Each time, a great professionalism, an incredible dynamism, a training that is out of the box. My best proof of satisfaction, I go back to them every time I need training.

Caroline NICOLOSI Branch Manager

The trainees are unanimous on the ability of the facilitator to motivate and understand the problems of each person to enable them to find their own solutions to the problems encountered. I appreciate the confidence and listening skills, the mastery of the subject, the availability in all circumstances: the "after-sales service" works perfectly!

Dorothée MANOURY Restoration Dupond

I chose to work with the team Jalan for the professionalism of the interventions, for the quality of the speaker. I have not met anyone better 🙂 Dynamic training, which challenges and makes you want to go further. The training is based on practice, it is very enriching. What I particularly appreciate: the format of the training courses - the dynamism of the trainer, her precise knowledge of the retail world, a facilitator for our professions - a great benevolence which allows each person to feel at ease in the group and to progress at his or her own pace - her curiosity which allows us to discover books to read in order to go further, videos, etc. - the original and playful way of approaching the serious training subjects! The examples are always striking and the methods easy to integrate.


To support our Human Resources Managers whose job is changing, all in an environment undergoing transformation, we asked Jalan to write a tailor-made course providing insight and expertise. Beyond a beautiful meeting, Jalan demonstrated a fine understanding of our needs, and was able to provide a precise response with a great deal of efficiency, patience and requirement in terms of both content and form.

Thierry VAN DOORNE Vice President, HR Development and Transformation

We chose to work with the Jalan team because of the teaching methods used, the constant innovation (strength of proposal), the knowledge of our world, the support (Jalan is no longer a service provider, but a partner), the business sensitivity, the pragmatism of the tools used. I appreciate the energy of the consultants, their passion for transmitting information, and their ownership of our world.


JALAN's support (...) has been a real eye-opener for our Management Committee. Empathetic and demanding support to bring out the best in us. A real maieutic approach to create a more united, more aligned and more impactful team!

Louise GUYOT HR Leader Bizzbee

What a pleasure to work with the team Jalan, dynamic, friendly, reactive, and attentive to its clients! We can always count on them to provide us with fun, impactful content and innovative formats.

Juliane Camaïeu

My professional network has strongly recommended the Jalan training courses. I appreciate the ability to adapt to all trainee profiles and the professionalism and dynamism of the trainers.

Florence Roudot