photo a powerful collective

Learning to appreciate the other FOR their difference in order to create a powerful collective

  • Do you want to develop synergies for your company?

    The strength of a group also depends on understanding and mobilising the differences of each individual. Creating cohesion, translating your company's values into behaviours and personalities, putting the group into action in the same direction... We support you in facilitating and mobilising the intelligence of your team!

Intervention themes for developing collective commitment

Creating the conditions for a high-performance team

  • Team building
  • Development of the synergy of the modes of operation
  • Adjustment of managerial practices
  • Mobilisation around the vision
  • Federation of teams around the common project
  • Solving a problem as a group
  • Meeting management and facilitation
  • Implementation of a collective action plan
  • Support for change
  • Developing collective agility
  • Accompaniment of the Management Committee

Topics covered...

The range of themes for developing collective commitment within your teams can lead us to build your personalised support around the following subjects...

  • Collective intelligence & collective efficiency
  • Cohesion and involvement
  • Building relationships and adaptability to change
  • Multi-cultural collaboration and new generations
  • Co-creation
  • Co-development
  • Maturity, governance, business diagnosis
  • Managing egos, conflicts & arbitration
  • Project, performance and global strategy management ... vision, values...
  • Cross-functional leadership
  • Facilitation of meetings, codir, cornex
  • Team ritual
  • Remote management

Develop a powerful team at the service of your company's global project!

Our pedagogical tools for working on collective commitment?

Facilitation seminars, co-development, teamcoaching, workshop Non Violent Communication (NVC), Transactional Analysis (TA), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro Cognitive Approach (NCA), Appreciative Inquiry, MBTI team, HBDI team, Gri team, DISC, WPMOT, 360°.

Faced with the relational challenges within teams, we seek creative and innovative solutions to enable them to create a real synergy and to make the best use of the skills and personalities of each individual.