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Setting up a development ecosystem within a Learning Enterprise

  • Do you want to professionalise the transmission of knowledge and become a learning company with impactful learning experiences? Do you want to strengthen your HR and training teams and create a real internal academy?

    Our role? To help you make your experts/trainers learn and train them in the art of pedagogy in order to make everyone an ACTOR of their own development. We support you in making the transmission and development of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills sustainable within your company. Thanks to pragmatic and personalised systems, your trainers will have all the keys to building an engaging and effective learning experience for your employees.

Intervention themes for creating a Learning Company

Train the trainers

  • Strengthening pedagogical skills
  • Transforming pedagogical approaches
  • Transforming the function of the training manager
  • Piloting of internal trainers
  • Training design
  • Educational engineering
  • Assessment and diagnosis of internal skills

Develop internal training

  • Immersive training
  • Digitalising training
  • Creating blended learning pathways
  • Moving from the teaching scenario to the storyboard
  • Integrating mobile learning
  • Designing a distance learning course
  • Setting up tutoring
  • Transforming and professionalising training services
  • Pooling internal skills

Become a Learning Company!

What pedagogical tools should you use to create your internal academy as a Learning Company?

Omnichannel pedagogical engineering with hybrid solutions, e-learning capsules, webinars, pedagogical kits, learning stories process, training academy, tutoring, AFEST, coordination of training projects, digitisation and pedagogical innovation, blended learning, social learning, asynchronous training, etc.